Education for Ministry

Every baptized person is called to ministry. The Education for Ministry (EfM) program provides people with the education to carry out that ministry. During the Service of Confirmation we ask God to "Renew in these your servants the covenant you made with them at Baptism. Send them forth in the power of the Spirit to perform the service you set before them." EfM offers an opportunity to discover how to respond to the call to Christian service.

Beginning in the Fall of each year, classes meet each Sunday evening at 5 p.m. Each class typically has students from each of the various EfM years - year 1 to year 4 - in attendance. This allows each student insight into the other courses of study undertaken in each year and adds to the discussions and reflections that are key components of the EfM experience. The EfM study period typically concludes in the Spring with the final meeting, String of Pearls - a deeply moving and reflective review of the past year shared by each student in that year's program.

Upon completion of the entire course of study each student is presented with a beautiful Certificate of Completion from the University of the South at Sewanee, the EfM program headquarters. Continuing Education credit can also be earned.

Holy Cross has one of highest per-capita participation and graduation rates for EfM in the country. A great many of our members, and leaders, have experienced the EfM program, greatly adding to the depth of knowledge, and understanding of the four subjects studied: Year 1 - The Old Testament, Year 2 - The New Testament, Year 3 - Church History and Year 4 - Church Theology and Philosophy.

For additional information on this excellent program contact any current (or past) EfM student or visit the national EfM website.