1964 New Building Dedication

On the day of the new building dedication four Confirmations, and one Reception, were also conducted Father  T. J. Lundy presented. Four were confirmed, and one Received, by Bishop Coadjutor John M. Allin.  


Original Invitation & Envelope


Napkin from May 24, 1964 Dedication Ceremony

Cited from the Register of Church Services: 
On May 24, 1964 at 3 p.m. 88 individuals attended the building dedication and confirmation/reception with Bishop Coadjutor M. Allin officiating.

The photo above shows The Rev. Osborne Moyer, The Rev. Thomas Lundy and Mark Kruger, Acolyte, during the building dedication service on May 24, 1964. The large metal cross, seen in the background of this photo, is the largest of the three cross set currently located  in the garden area near the driveway.    

In this photo, taken during the recessional of the building dedication, you see Johnny Fisher and Mark Kruger, Acolytes, followed by Rev. Osborne Moyer, Rev. Thomas Lundy and Bishop Coadjutor M. Allin.
The Shepard Window, the Chancel Cross and the light fixtures are still in use today. 
These original photographs can still be seen in the hallway of the sanctuary.

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