1964 - First Services In New Building

Sunday, March 15, 1964 is recorded in the Register of Church Services as the "First Sunday in new church". There were 86 individuals present, 26 of whom took communion. Two services were conducted, one at 9 a.m. with Father T. J. Lundy - Vicar, officiating. Serving as accolytes were Mark Kruger and Johnny Fisher, shown below with the original processional cross (now hanging on the rear wall of the sanctuary).
The second service took place at 8 p.m.with 44 individuals present and consisted of Evening Prayer and a sermon, with Bishop Coadjutor John M. Allin officiating. His comments recorded in the Register of Church Services read May we have many more such churches.
Note: This photograph was taken during the Church Dedication but shows both Mark Kruger and Johnny Fisher serving as accolytes. Both Mark Kruger and Johnny Fisher are recorded as serving as accolytes for the first services (March 15, 1964) as well as during the building dedication ceremony (May 24, 1964).