The Beginning of Holy Cross

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Miss Mardi and the Britt Family

Holy Cross is deeply appreciative of the kind assistance provided by "Miss Mardi" for her knowledge and insight regarding the history of our church. Miss Mardi is a founding member of Holy Cross and was married to Charles Britt, our first Senior Warden. The first Holy Cross organizational meeting took place in the Britt residence. Miss Mardi continued to be an active and much beloved member of our congregation until her death if February 2015. We are deeply honored to have had her amongst us and grateful for her founding efforts - and fifty years of continuous service. We are honored to have known you, Miss Mardi!


February 19 - Holy Cross Chapel - Organization & First Services

Quoted from the first Parish Registry, page 43, Historical Data:
Organized and began services in V.F.W. Hut, Olive Branch, February 19, 1961 with 26 adults and children present.
Father Charles Osborne Moyer,Vicar 

April 2 - First Baptism

The first Baptisms, two sons and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gaskins, were conducted at Holy Cross Chapel by Father C. Osborne Moyer, Vicar.

October 4 - First Confirmation Class

Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.: Confirmation (1st class) 8. Sixty-eight individuals present, with 52 taking Holy Communion.


January 23-25 - Admitted as a Mission

 The first Parish Registry has the following hand-written notation on the inside front cover:
Holy Cross Chapel - Olive Branch, Miss
- Volume I -
Admitted as mission by 135th Council
January 23 - 25, 1962, St. Paul's Church,
Columbus, Mississippi.
C. Osborne Moyer + (Vicar)

February 11 - Bishop Coadjutor Allin's First Visit

Bishop Coadjutor Allin officiated at Holy Communion and Sermon on February 11, 1962 at 7 p.m. with 40 individuals present, 34 taking Holy Communion.

August 12 - First Permanent Building (Work Begins)

Quoted from the first Parish Registry, page 43, Historical Data:
First permanent Church building 1962.
Cited from the Register of Church Services on August 12, 1962 at 9 a.m. 26 individuals attended Morning Prayer and Sermon (no clergy attending) with M. E. Kruger preaching (no Holy Communion)

September 17 - First Burial Service 

Leonora Hilliard was buried Sept. 17, 1962 at Elmwood Cemetary, Memphis, Tenn. - Father C. Osborne Moyer, Vicar.


October 6 - Groundbreaking Ceremony

9 a.m. services, meeting in the VFW building, Bishop John Coadjutor M. Allin officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony. There were 34 individuals in attendance at services, with 26 partaking of Holy Communion.


March 15 - First Services In New Building

The first Holy Communion and Sermon were held at 9 a.m. in the new building, attended by 86 individuals, 26 of whom received Holy Communion.  Father T. J. Lundy officiated and preached; Johnny Fisher and Mark Kruger served as Acolytes.
At 8 p.m.Evening Prayer and a Sermon were provided with Bishop Coadjutor John M. Allin officiating. Forty-four individuals were in attendance.

May 24 - First Confirmations and Reception & Building Dedication 

The first four Confirmations, and one Reception, were conducted at 9 a.m. in Olive Branch, Miss. Presented by Father  T. J. Lundy. Four Confirmed, and one Received, by Bishop Coadjutor John M. Allin. 
At 3 p.m. 88 individuals attended the building dedication and confirmation/reception with Bishop Coadjutor M. Allin officiating.


October 16 - First Marriage Ceremony 

Justin Blaine Neely, Jr. - Groom
Patricia Ann Lippard - Bride
F. W. Kephart, Officiating Minister