Credence Table

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A Credence (from latin  credens, -entis, believer) table is a small side table in the sanctuary of a Christian  church used in the celebration of the Eucharist.


Credence Table - Front View

Credence Table - Side View

The credence table, covered with a fine linen cloth, is tended by an acolyte and holds the items used during the Eucharistic celebration. These items include:
At Holy Cross, the chalice and paten are placed on the altar by a member of the Altar Guild prior to the service, and are therefore not typically located on the Credence table. An acolyte assists the Priest in the use of the ewer(a cruet containing water) and lavabo bowl for the washing of the priest's hands prior to consecrating the wine and wafers.

After communion the acolyte assists the priest in the performance of ablution (ritual cleansing) by pouring water, from the ewer into the chalice. The water is then ritually consumed by the priest and/or chalice bearer.

After services the Altar Guild ritually removes all items used during Holy Communion and prepares them for storage in the Sacristy.

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