Stained Glass Windows

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Holy Cross is fortunate to have two beautiful, and historic, stained glass windows. The oldest, above the altar, shows the figure of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, as our Shepard.  The second window, the Katrina Cross, located in the Parish Hall facing the street, greets all passers-by and visitors and is in the shape of a cross. The history of both of these wonderful stained glass windows is given below.

Christ - Our Shepard Window

The Shepard Window, located above the altar, is original to the building and shows our Savior sheparding sheep, the image of which is superimposed over a gold cross.

The Shepard Window is shown in the photographs taken during the 1964 Building Dedication Ceremony, at which Bishop Allin presided.

Katrina Cross Window

The Katrina Cross located in the Parish Hall was hand crafted by Father Cheney and Darlene M. Stanley from fragments of glass given to Fr. Cheney by the Rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Bay St. Louis shortly after the destruction of the church by hurricane Katrina in August, 2005.

Represented in the window are various symbols, including:

  • A golden cross at the top, representing Christ above us and surrounded by blue glass representing sky and heaven.
  • A mariner's compass, shown at the upper right arm of the cross. The mariner's compass guides a sailor home, just as Christ guides us to salvation.
  • Morse code for S.O.S. represented in glass by three red dots, three red dashes and three additional red dots, emblematic of distress and reminding us to turn to Christ in times of trouble.
  • A blue glass wave, across the middle center of the cross, indicating the ocean and reminding us of Christ's close ties to the water. Through water we are cleaned and reborn through Baptism.
  • A partial sun, rising above the horizon, emblematic of a new day, a new life, in Christ.
  • A swirl of white glass, interspersed with red, symbolizing both Hurricane Katrina in the secular world but also the inner turmoil we all feel as human beings.
  • Immediately below the hurricane symbol and to the left in the photo above is a four-sided, darker section with four blue and one gold fragment of glass. This portion of the Katrina Cross Window is an original piece of the original window from Christ Episcopal Church and was left intact to symbolize the spiritual bonds between the northern-most Episcopal Church in the MS Diocese (Holy Cross) and the southern-most church in the MS Diocese, Christ Episcopal. Though miles apart, we are both connected, through Christ, to the world-wide church.
  • At the bottom of the window is a representation of a sea-wall formed with various blue fragments of glass with four blue-green pieces. A sea wall is built to defend the land from destruction, just as our faith defends us in times of trouble.

Various newspapers throughout the state of Mississippi and the United States published various articles on the creation, installation, and significance of this window. One such article, from the DeSoto Appeal, dated Monday, December 8, 2008 can be found framed and hanging next to the window in the Parish Hall.

We at Holy Cross are honored and delighted to have had the chance to assist in the clean-up and recovery of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina and are honored to have incorporated this very special window, the Katrina Cross, into the front of our building during the renovation and expansion of our building that took place from 2008 to 2010, and in advance of our 50th anniversary in 2011.