Offertory Plates

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Holy Cross has various Offertory Plates used during the various Services, including Sunday services, Worship in the Woods services and Holy Days, as shown below:

This set of two wooden offertory plates, lined with purple felt, each include a metal memorial plaque inscribed with the following memorial dedication:
- In Memory of -
H. W. Sparrenberger

These are the primary offertory plates used during Sunday services and on Holy Days.

This set of dark wooden offertory plates with a blue felt lining are held in reserve and not typically used during Sunday services or on Holy Days.

The history of these plates, and how they came to be offered to Holy Cross is currently unknown.

This plastic offertory plate is typically used during the Worship in the Woods services and has the following phrase inscribed around its edge, along with a design of grapes on a vine:

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