Memorial / Devotional Crosses

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On the west wall of the Sanctuary is a collection of crosses - the very namesake of our church! Each cross was donated to Holy Cross as either a devotional gift or as a memorial. Each cross is pictured below, a few of which have their history. If you are aware of the story/history behind these crosses, please contact us and let us know! 

Large green wooden Cross

Curved Glass Cross


Earthenware Cross

Father Walker Appreciation Cross


 Inlaid Wood Cross

Small Crucifix (INRI)


Large Crucifix

Wooden Cross with Silver Overlay


Vignette Cross

 Charles Britt Memorial Cross


 Small Green Cross

Crucifix Processional Cross - Retired


Original Processional Cross - Retired

 Reserved for a photograph
of the next memorial or gifted
cross - perhaps from you!

Devotional cross for the tenure of Father
Bruce, given by the congregation. This
cross includes the various names by
which our Saviour is know.

 Blue glass and wood
devotional cross for the tenure of Father
Bruce, given by the ECW.

Donations to the Memorial / Devotional wall are always welcomed. If you wish to donate a cross, as a devotional gift or memorial please contact a member of the Mission Committee. Please know that your gift would be greatly appreciated and treasured for generations to come!