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The Hymnal 1982

Music is a vital part of our tradition of worship and allows us, as individuals and as a congregation, to raise our voices in song to the Glory of God, to worship our Savior, Jesus Christ and to feel the presense of the Holy Spirit.

The Episcopal Church currently uses The Hymnal 1982 (so called as the most recent revision date of The Hymnal is 1982) as the standard book of song. The "blue book" can be found accompanying the Book of Common Prayer (the "red book") at each seat in the Sanctuary.
As you read the program of services you can determine which hymn is to be sung by locating the title of the Hymn with a notation of H82 opposite the hymn and opening the Hymnal to that hymn number (for example: H82 304 would indicate hymn (H82) number 304 is to be sung.
Throughout the Sanctuary you may find a Hymnal that has been embossed with a dedication in memory of a specific individual, a pleasant reminder of beloved members of Holy Cross now departed.
Additionally, each hymn to be sung is indicated on the Hymn Board.