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Two very important books are used during Services, The Gospel and The Altar Book. These two books are pictured, and described below. Additionally, the original 1944 edition of the Altar Service book is retained by Father Bruce as part of the history of Holy Cross. It is shown below as well but has been retired from common use.


The Gospel

Copyrighted, 2007 and quoted from the first paragraph of the Introduction page:

"The Gospel texts in this book are presented in accordance with the Revised Common Lectionary, authorized as the official lectionary of the Episcopal Church, effective the First Sunday of Advent 2007. In addition to the readings for Years A, B, and C, this book also contains the Gospels for the major Holy Days and for other important moments in the life of the Church, as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer: Baptism and Confirmation, Marriage, Funerals and Commemorations of the Departed, the Ordination rites, the Celebration of a New Ministry, the Dedication and Consecration of Churches and their Anniversaries, and Church Conventions."


The Altar Book


I hereby certify that this edition of The Altar Book with portions of the rite of Holy Baptism, the Collects of the Church Year, and prayers and blessing from other services, has been compared with the duly attested texts approved by the 66th General Convention, and authorized for public worship in the Church, and that it conforms thereto.

Charles Mortimer Guilbert

Custodian of the Standard Book of Common Prayer

June, 1980

The inside front cover, in red leather, has the following text embossed in gold lettering:

In loving memory
and thanksgiving for the life
of Charles E. Bastnagel


Altar Service

(retired from common use)

The Certificate page of this book reads as follows:


I certify that the parts of the Book of Common Prayer contained in this edition have been compared with a certified copy of the Standard Book of 1928, as the Canon directs, and that they conform thereto.


Custodian of the

Standard Book of Common Prayer