Baptismal Font

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Our baptismal font is located at the entrance to the church as a reminder that the rite of baptism is the means by which we enter the Christian faith and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

"Water is an ancient symbol of cleansing and deliverance. The Lord uses it to wash away sins and make us new. Water itself can't do it, but it is the tangible symbol of the invisible power of God's forgiveness and acceptance." (The Episcopal Handbook - Morehouse Publishing)

Placed near the original Red Doors to our sanctuary, our font reminds us that through Baptism we are filled by the Holy Spirit, represented by the dove emblazoned on the front of the font (oddly appropriate for a church in Olive Branch, MS since the city flag consists of a dove with an olive branch).

While the exact history and source of our font is currently unknown the font has been with us since the beginning of the Mission of the Holy Cross and has welcomed hundreds of the faithful into the Body of Christ.

The Sea Shell

You may notice that a sea shell often rests on the top of the Baptismal Font. The shell is used by the Priest as the instrument used to retrieve, and pour, water over the head of the newly baptised member and is emblematic of our historic ties, as Christians, to the sea, and fishermen.